The Best Caribbean Fitness Resorts

When you’re on vacation in the glorious Caribbean, you’re already immediately more vibrant than you are at home. It’s just part of the magic effect the islands have on you. And when you want to take it up a notch and continue your fitness regime, there are many ways to do that. If you’re into a schedule, you can keep to it (although one of the nice things about living on island time for a week or so is that you become liberated from said schedules). If you’re not a gym rat, you may find yourself wanting to use the excellent fitness facilities at your resort, or taking part in the myriad activities that can be enjoyed on sea and land. However you want to take it, these are the best Caribbean fitness resorts. Hand-picked so you can trust you’re getting the finest experience.

There are some crucial things to look for when choosing a gym. If you’re a fitness nut, you’ll want to take the same approach to selecting your fitness resort as you do at home selecting a gym to become a member of. Recommendations, reviews, and demos always help and you’ll want to choose something that fits your own personality and offers enough motivation to get you coming back again and again. Location is key, and luckily with the Caribbean fitness resorts here mentioned, the gym is right on site, minutes from your room. Members matter: who goes there and do they make you feel comfortable, how crowded is it? Staff matter: are they supportive and courteous, do they offer personal training, are they qualified to help? Is it clean and well maintained? Is there a good selection of up to date equipment? What are the classes like on offer, and are they included or do you have to pay extra? All of these aspects have been considered by My Boutique Travel to bring you the good stuff. Now the hard part is picking one of these excellent resorts.

Rosewood Tucker’s Point – Bermuda

This gorgeous luxury property on the pink sands of Bermuda, far closer to the North American Eastern seaboard than the Caribbean proper, is a genuine sanctuary for the mind body and soul. As such, it offers a world class spa and fitness center with a diverse range of activities and exercises to take part in. Located just off the Palm Court Pool, the fitness center is a fully-equipped 19,000 square-foot masterpiece. Inside you’ll find state-of-the-art equipment in all manner of forms, including names like Life Fitness and Tuff Stuff, and a number of cardio and weight training options. There’s also a sprawling yoga and Tai Chi Lawn perched up above the resort with breathtaking views and excellent classes in bliss and beauty. And it’s open 24 hours so whenever you feel inspired to exercise the door is open.

Goldeneye Resort – Jamaica

Embrace your inner 007 at this fabulous resort on the north coast of Jamaica in Oracabessa, where the vibrant activity and fitness oriented lifestyle is in full force. While not having an actual gym, per-say, there is a wealth of fitness opportunities to continue your workout in a more exotic fashion. There is something for everyone of every style of exercise here where you’d be hard-pressed to fit it all into one week. Water sports include kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and swimming, all excellent cardio workouts as alternatives to the treadmill. Play tennis against your friends or with the resident pro. Take part in the Field Spa Fieldwork series of activities and do Core Training (a practical and eduational workout that focuses on the abs, lower back, and glutes) or the Team Morning Run along an elevation loop down the coast. Rent a mountain bike and hit the rugged trails of the surrounding hills. Do Sunset Yoga and improve circulation while restoring energy. Get alternative and mix up your exercise routine with a mind-blowing stay at Goldeneye.

Ladera – St Lucia

This luxury resort features some of the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous vistas in the Caribbean, merging volcanic mountains with jungle and ocean, and absolutely inspiring good health and wellness. Here you’ll experience the ultimate in romantic paradise, with mountain-top suites featuring open wall designs and private plunge pools, and of course, an excellent fitness setup. As you immerse yourself in the Saint Lucian island lifestyle, you’ll stay active and energized at the state of the art fitness center, featuring a range of equipment including elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike, and free weights. In addition, there is a plethora of activities to engage in including Gros Piton climb/hike (scaling the 2,600 ft high trademark mountain) and nature hikes taking you up waterfall trails through vibrant rainforests. Get into it here at Ladera.

Petit St Vincent – St Vincent and the Grenadines

This eco-inspired paradise is off the grid on a private island, offering unparalleled luxury in a resort that is tuned into the finer aspects of life. Lose your way and find yourself here at this paradise abundant boutique Caribbean island resort. Of course there is a state of the art fitness center and gym here with all the equipment you could want, but that’s just where it starts. Yoga is big here, with its very own yoga pavilion on Conch Bay where you’ll flow to the rhythms of the tropics while gaining an intimate appreciation for nature and your place in it. Wade out into the ocean and go for a swim. Or get your cardio through windsurfing or kayaking. Hiking and jogging is popular here, with a 275 foot hill and a perimeter than can be run or walked. Go golfing and play tennis. Get out there and be active, soaking up the good life free of the constraints of technology and urban living.

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