Jamaica is probably the most famous island in the Caribbean for its dreadlocked hospitality and laidback attitude; the birthplace of the Rastafari vibes, where the Red Stripe flows like the jungle rivers to the tune of steel drums and gently washing waves.

Jamaica, circa 1971
Dr. Livingstone I presume, mon.

The beaches get lively and the parties get pumpin as the celebration of life crescendos. Of course, there's far more abundance and authenticity to Jamaica than meets the eye - and that's not just the ganja talking.

At 11,000 square-kilometres, Jamaica is the third most populous Anglophone country in the Americas (after the US and Canada), although the Rastafari dialect is prevalent. Iyaric (or, Dread-talk) stemmed as a reaction to English as an imposed colonial language, confronting the corrupt and decadent society they call Babylon with a reframing of negative words and syllables into positive ones. Overstand? This perception shift resonates throughout the entire Jamaican culture, resulting in an optimism that permeates its people - always looking on the bright side of life.

Jamaica offers something special for every inclination and taste. From offbeat hiking tours and mountain biking to congenial fishing villages and cosmopolitan cities, Jamaica is so much more than its boundless butter-soft beaches, jerk spice stalls, and mind-blowing sunsets. Raft the romantic Rio Grande beneath the full moon, partaking in the tour that none other than Errol Flynn started. Dip into the picturesque Blue Lagoon, nestled within a protected cove of forested cliffs. Climb Blue Mountain to sample some of the world's best coffee alongside some of the Caribbean's best vistas. All this and more, all set to the literal soundtrack of the islands - those groovy reggae 'riddims'.

Jamaica is a destination of diversity and delight, a kaleidoscope of colours and feelings; a land of adventure and sophistication. It's the legendary world that created one people out of many with one of the most distinctive cultures on the planet. From the complete resort experience of Montego Bay and the "capital of casual" at Negril to the mist-shrouded jungles of Port Antonio and the vibrant city of Kingston - and all points in between - Jamaica gets into your spirit with its magnificent splendour. You'll find yourself understanding Bob Marley, truly believing that every little thing is indeed going to be alright.

So get up and stand up for your rights to come experience the wonders of the Jamaican Boutique LIfestyle. Experience for yourself the 'One Love' and the 'One Heart'.

Jamaican Hotels That We Love:

Kanopi House

Have you ever fantasized about living in a tree house in the jungle? Perched within the vine-drenched canopy of majestic hundred-foot Banyan trees in the magic rain forest of Blue Lagoon in the ‘Jamaican Riviera’, your dream come true awaits.

The SPA Retreat

Surrender yourself to the healing magic of The SPA Retreat, a romantic escape where holistic health and wellness flows naturally from the resort itself - with its beautiful cottages, organic dining, and therapeutic activities all lending to a sense of harmony between ourselves, each other, and nature.

The SPA Retreat

Vacation like James Bond at his creator’s sprawling Jamaican estate; inspired by the bliss-inducing tropical surroundings and the belief that life is meant to be lived to its fullest. Stay in Fleming’s original villa or the lagoon cottages that radiate the style and charm synonymous with the secret agent. GoldenEye’s world-class spa, yoga, and activities will leave you feeling ready to save the world.