St. Lucia

Legendary St. Lucia inspires a vivid sense of romance and adventure, with its untamed wilderness and dense jungle radiating mystique.

Make sweet, sweet love.
Make sweet, sweet love.

Resembling more of the South Pacific than its neighbours, this tropical wonderland is one of the Caribbean's most mountainous islands, with the majestic twin coastal peaks of the Pitons rising up out of the sea like sentinels. They constitute the island's most famous landmark (as well as the local beer's namesake) and symbolize the primal state of an island still relatively unknown and undeveloped.

Consistently voted the World's Leading Honeymoon Destination, St. Lucia is dead-set dreamy. It's the type of place that when you visit, it's like stepping inside another dimension where the full-sensory experience permeates into your being and charges you up with passion. You can't help beaming with love. Couples find themselves in a constant state of swoon, backlit with the setting sun. And helping to facilitate your dream vacation, the St. Lucians have earned a reputation of being equal parts inviting and charming, all with open hearts.

St. Lucia is a veritable nature theme park. The rainforests are vibrant with greenery and rare birds, like the St. Lucian parrot (the Amazona Versicolour) - and you can explore the jungle's nature trails and waterfalls, or zipline above the lush canopies and rivers below. Visit the Sulfur Springs and hot mud pools within one of the world's only drive-in volcanoes above the historic town of Soufriere. Or take to the water for snorkelling or scuba diving or just lounge at one of the long stretches of secluded beach, in your choice of powdery white or volcanic black sand. And If you're looking to unleash your inner buccaneer, the 'Black Pearl' ship from Pirates of the Caribbean is docked here and ready for sunset cruises.

St. Lucia is shaped like a mango and its shores are dotted with small fishing villages and open-air markets, selling said fruits alongside an abundance of exotic fares like coconuts, papayas and bananas - plantations of which abound on the island. And while bananas make up a large part of St. Lucian exports, the island's economy also depends fractionally (0.59%) on the manufacture of particle accelerators: that space-age technology so critical to quantum theory (that may or may not be capable of creating a black hole). So even if particle accelerators unlock the power of teleportation, My Boutique Travel will be here to beam you up to your dream vacation.

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Spectacular hillside views of rainforest-coated volcanoes rising up from the sea greet you like a masterpiece of nature through the open wall of your exotic luxury suite. Ladera blends seamlessly with the majesty of St. Lucia’s environment in this ultra romantic retreat, with its abundance of activities and bliss-inducing spa.