The Boutique Lifestyle


In a world of conformity, the greatest act of rebellion is to be yourself.

As the ancient credo of alchemy holds, “as above, so below”. So to is everything connected in life – from our choice of food we eat to what we do with our well earned vacation time. The same goes for hotels. The majority of these properties around the world (that basically exist to create a makeshift home away from home) are all shaped from a similar mould: four walls and a roof, a warm bed, and a hot shower. A shelter in which to hang your hat on holidays. The majority of hotels on planet Earth, from seedy motels to five-star resorts all basically offer the same thing, just on a relative scale of luxury.

Luxury in this case meaning that state of extraordinary extravagance.

A cardboard box is to a seedy motel what a four-bedroom suburban home is to a vacation villa in the Caribbean. In order to stand out from the conformist mainstream, hotels have been seeking alternative experiences to complement the accommodation. From trendy on-site restaurants to spas and sprawling pools, hotels compete with each other to offer the biggest and baddest amenities. They compete with each other to offer guests the most personally-focused services and exemplary customer experience. All this competition of big name hotels offering basically the exact same thing in different packaging.

And there, in a league of its own, is the Boutique Hotel.

The Boutique Hotel is a natural born leader, confident and unassuming, blazing its own trail away from the mainstream. The Boutique Hotel sees things not as they are, but as they could be. The Boutique Hotel is a visionary and an experience. Taking the “four-walls-a-roof-and-a-bed” concept as the three primary colours of paint, the Boutique Hotel creates a masterpiece of art. It breathes life into the structure, as if it were a spirit within a body expressing itself through interpretive dance, or some shit. At the risk of becoming too convoluted with the metaphors, let’s just say that the Boutique Hotel represents the vacation as less a port-of-call in the storm and more a holistic lifestyle.


Lifestyle travel is indeed a way of life. So much more than your standard Cancun all-inclusive with its assembly line of effortless convenience for those who perceive vacations as “an escape from reality”, it’s the difference between watching something on TV and doing something yourself. It’s the difference between a virtual reality and an authentic experience. It’s the difference between commercial GMO farming and free-range organic. To each their own, of course, but the critical thinker with the heightened sense of awareness probably isn’t going to choose the cheap knockoff experience when there’s something vivid and vibrant calling out to be explored – a lifestyle waiting to be lived.

Boutique Hotels inspire you to live extraordinarily.

You can usually a spot a Boutique Hotel by its unique style and theme, which is to say, its character.  The focus is on the ultimate guest experience, appealing to all six senses in order to create an emotional link between guest, hotel and environment. The Boutique Hotel creates an immersive experience wherein the building as a physical structure seems to almost disappear, as that specific lifestyle envelops the guest and helps guide each moment.  It’s almost like a ride at a theme park in that way; only in this case, the ride is all about total comfort, relaxation and authenticity.

MY BOUTIQUE TRAVEL exemplifies the Boutique Lifestyle.

As a team of travelers all passionate for the cause (read: we friggin’ love – and live – to travel), we want to share the experience with you. We believe vacations are all about embracing life and living vividly and we believe life should be lived the way you want to live it. While it’s shared guiding principles and philosophies like this that fuel our business, we each bring a unique perspective to the Boutique Lifestyle experience. We seek the range of everything from eco-conscious digital detox and therapeutic spiritual exercise to extravagance and unadulterated luxury. And we collaborate to find the very best of the Boutique Hotel’s best to share with you. You could say we make connections between special people and special places. But more than that, we make fantasy vacations reality. Everything is connected – but with My Boutique Travel, we streamline connections to hook you up with the perfect lifestyle.

So don’t conform to a normal vacation at a normal hotel. You’ve earned the Boutique Lifestyle.


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