Top Family Friendly Resorts in the Caribbean


It’s your dream vacation and you are living it up in the Caribbean with your family. Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa, and the kids are all having the time of their lives together. The Caribbean is an amazing destination for all ages with something special for everyone. For most of us aware of the abundance of good times and borderline magic to be experienced in the Caribbean, that previous statement goes without saying. But sometimes it’s necessary to reiterate these things. Sometimes it’s good to refocus our awareness on points that might have been overlooked. Or points that appear sharper based on our newfound perspectives. However you choose to approach it, let it be known that while most of the islands are amazing for families, some are better than others – and of those top family islands there are the top family friendly resorts in the Caribbean. Presented for you here, in this exclusive article.

You see, every single resort and hotel that we’ve hand-picked offers something very special. Some are perfect for digital detox while others cater more to a culinary adventure. Some are for yoga trips and some are for spa trips. Some are for lovers and some are for families. These family resorts could also be viewed as the best child-friendly resorts, as they stand tall in their inclusion of all ages. Some resorts and hotels simply overlook kids and seem to expect them to be happy doing what the adults like to do and maybe don’t make too much noise while you’re at it. Other hotels and resorts go all out to make sure kids are feeling welcome as well as their parents. They provide child-friendly activities and child-friendly amenities. In these cases, the parents usually really appreciate it as well. It’s fun for everyone. The kids are happy and the parents are happy and maybe even the grandparents are there and well you know they’re happy too.

Tips for the perfect vacation at the best family friendly resorts in the Caribbean:

  • Mix it up. Variety is the spice of life so try new things and make sure to include something for everyone. Involve the kids and the elders in the planning process.
  • Maintain a sense of adventure. Extension of the previous point, be open to inspiration coming from the unexpected.
  • Turn off the TV and do something interactive together, even board games or card games. Make your own fun.
  • Incorporating some alone time is often a key aspect for some peace and quiet to reflect on your vacation and appreciate your family time that much more.
  • Watch your budget. Let My Boutique Travel help you plan the perfect vacation at the perfect rates that won’t break the bank, from traveling in the off season to booking packages to finding the best secret special deals.

Regent Palms

The Regent Palms Turks and Caicos is known by many in the tourism industry as being one of the world’s best. It wins multiple awards every year for being so great, particularly when it comes to service and hospitality, outstanding facilities and amenities, and impressive ambience. And of course, Regent Palms is also awesome when it comes to family fun. The 72-suite luxury resort features the Conch Kritters Club, where kids aged 4-12 are sure to have one heckuva time. Kids enrolled in the supervised program will spend the day playing games and doing arts and crafts, flying kites and making sand castles, and all sorts of entertaining and educational activities. There’s full-day or evening programs, depending on when works best and when mom and dad want to have some time to themselves, and there will be set menu or snack included in price. There’s also a diverse range of eating options for the whole fam-damily, like Parallel 23 and Plunge restaurants, with kids menus. Babysitting is available upon request as well.

Caneel Bay

The gorgeous resort of Caneel Bay on St. John in the US Virgin Islands provides phenomenal vacations, especially for families. The staff understand the psychology of little ones and how for them vacations are a time to be active, make new best friends, and seek out new experiences. As such, there is just the place for kids to have fun and parents to feel peace of mind knowing their children are safe and well taken care of. The place is called Turtle Town, and children aged 3-11 will love it. It’s a haven where kids will play in themed activities and adventures during the day and dinner and a movie at night. Of course just because there are kids clubs, doesn’t mean you have to use them and split up the family. Stay together the entire time and love all the things to do as a family at Caneel Bay.

Tucker’s Point

Minutes away and a world apart, this is Tucker’s Point Bermuda, where the entire family is treated like VIP. It truly is an extraordinary destination for a family vacation with its abundance of activities and amenities, as well as that world-class service, dining options and unique programs. One such program is the kids club, Rose Buds for Children. Here kids aged 4-12 take part in tennis lessons, cooking classes, daily swims, and locally inspired arts and crafts. Frolic on the pink sand of the beaches here (including Bermuda’s largest private beach) and swim in the sea and the resort’s four swimming pools. Stay together in gorgeous accommodation, the finest in Bermuda, with elegant touches and expansive balconies overlooking mesmerizing vistas. Here at Tucker’s Point it’s effortless living done right, for all ages.

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