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Lifestyle Travelling is the art of making travel your lifestyle, journeying from country to country over many years and revelling in the wonderful experiences of a truly extraordinary life. By definition it’s about choosing an alternative to the regular lifestyle, and as such represents an attractive opportunity for those of us who think differently (read: those of us who think for ourselves). The classic lifestyle traveller will cross country in a van, or sail around the world on a sailboat, often working from the road. In today’s age of the virtual office, it’s no big stretch of the imagination to visualize you and your family as lifestyle travellers. Experiencing exotic cultures and learning what it means to be a global citizen. Sounds pretty nice, right?

Well, the thing is: you don’t have to abandon society and ride the figurative rails to experience lifestyle travel. You can do what you do best but jetset off to a vivid experience for a relatively short while (compared to the diehards, and relatively long, compared to your usual lifestyle); and My Boutique Travel will help you achieve this goal. You’ve come to the right place.

Because it is all about the lifestyle, isn’t it. The way you live is a direct reflection of who you are. It’s an extension of yourself. So choose the travel experience that reflects not only who you are right now but who you seek to become. As you are well aware, practice makes perfect. So practice your ideal lifestyle with a unique vacation that will get you vibrating on the right frequency. Choose a getaway that gives you the opportunity to live the way life is meant to be lived: connected and in a flow state.

All of our Unique Interests categories are designed to appeal directly to a certain lifestyle, to reach your intended state of being. Are you seeking balance and harmony? Experience our yoga resorts. Are you seeking the best food on the planet along with a few recipes and cooking skills to add to your repertoire? Experience our culinary resorts. Are you seeking to get in touch with nature and live sustainably for a week or two? Experience our eco-inspired resorts. Or do a combination of these aspects and experience the best of the best on your next vacation. Do something your future self will thank you for.


YOGA: The resorts that fall under this category offer something specially therapeutic for the spirit. It probably goes without saying that in fact all of our properties offer spiritual therapy, in their own way. To travel itself and see the world, its people, and our self from a different perspective is to experience something wonderful for the soul – and the majestic beauty of these locations sure help as well. But these particular Yoga resorts focus on providing guests with phenomenal classes and training in not only yoga, but often Pilates and meditation as well. Come here for rejuvenation, stretch your mind and your body with a stunning sunset backdrop.

SPA: These resorts treat the body right, with expert hands offering expert therapies and treatments. To step inside these spas is to step inside a sanctuary of good vibes and you’ll be sure to experience total relaxation and bliss. Nothing like the perfect massage to put you in the mood for the perfect vacation. You’ve earned it.

KIDS CLUB: These family focused boutique hotels offer something special for the kids. They’ll be happy and full of joy with kids clubs and programs designed to keep them occupied while mom and dad slip away for some privacy. These resorts aren’t overrun with screaming kids, so don’t worry. There’s a place for everyone here, and if you’re bringing your whole family on vacation, these resorts are optimal.

ECO-INSPIRED: The resorts that fall under this category are those that radiate true environmental inspiration and sustainability. These boutique hotels are nestled in with nature, flowing with the curves and current of the world. Whether it’s a treehouse in the jungle or a villa on the shore constructed with local materials, these eco-inspired properties will have you one with the planet.

CULINARY: Oftentimes, one of the best parts of a vacation is the food. These boutique hotels that fall under the culinary category are those that best exemplify outstanding cuisine. Whether it’s getting to know the rockstar chefs who whip up these masterpieces or taking a cooking class to bring home tricks to your own kitchen, our culinary properties will tantalize your tastebuds. Most everything here is organic and locally sourced and fresh as all get out.

ADULT-ORIENTED: These properties exude a sense of romance, a sexy scenario for lovers to enjoy each other’s company in the wonders of the some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Experience peace and quiet here, in a mature and relaxed environment where tranquility flows smoothly with appreciation on high.

ON THE BEACH: Make sure your luxury lifestyle vacation is directly on the white sands, if that’s what you’re looking for. These picks are right where the waves come in, representing the finest in oceanfront experience. Other properties may be a walk from the beach or tucked up in the jungle, but not these. Hear the ocean from your room, look out over the water, and understand intimately that waves are everything.

ULTRA-LUXURY: While the majority of our boutique hotels are considered luxury, these properties are a step up even higher, in an extravagant league of their own. With unparalleled attention to detail and a personalized service, you’ll be pampered like royalty at these resorts. It’s the world best in luxury vacation.

BUDGET BOUTIQUE: On the other end of our relative luxury spectrum is the budget boutique, where we offer resorts that are still totally amazing – but at a better value. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles of the big players in the resort game, check out these tried, tested and true boutiques. It’s still luxury, if you define it as something grand and out of the ordinary. It’s still lifestyle.

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