Unique Interests


Breathe with an attitude of gratitude and discover the present moment as the only place where life exists. Experience the most blissful places on Earth to stretch your mind, body, and spirit on your yoga lifestyle vacation. These boutique hotels don't just offer classes from the world's best yogis, they exemplify the yoga way of life in all respects - in the very essence of each resort. Namasté indeed.


A little pampering goes a long way and a little rejuvenation is always welcome. In order to find you the absolute greatest spas in the world, we painstakingly put ourselves through the arduous and grueling task of sampling multiple massages and testing tons of treatments. We scoured the globe, pampered into total exhaustion, all so you can vacation at the most serene spa. You're welcome.

Kids Club

Little Johnny and Suzie couldn't care less about Mom and Dad's romantic quiet time on the beach. The good news is: there's a Kids Club for that. These family focused boutique hotels offer specially designed programs for the lil'uns that keep them laughing and learning and otherwise occupied while the parents slip away for some well-earned one-on-one.


The thing about hugging trees is that they hug you back. The thing about the planet is it loves you, very very much. The thing about these eco-inspired boutique hotels is that they're in perfect harmony with nature, with the resonance of authenticity and balance. These properties exemplify sustainable living with true green initiatives and environmentally responsibility.


Tantalize your tastebuds on a journey of gastronomic delight at our prefered picks for culinary adventures. Which is to say, these boutique hotels distinguish themselves with their focus on fine food. Whether it's rockstar gourmet chefs or cooking classes, on-site nutritionists or all locally sourced organic ingredients; these hotels are a foodie's fantasy come true.


Sometimes you just want to experience that special kind of tranquility that comes from a resort free of screaming children reenacting pirate scenes around the pool. Our picks for adult-friendly hotels don't necessarily indicate no-kids-allowed, but these are generally properties that exude a tangible sense of romance. Peace and quiet and serenity and (well, let's face it) genuine sexiness.

On the Beach

The waves washing ashore the powdery perfect sand as the sun shines down like a hug - and your boutique hotel planted right on there on the beach. These boutique hotels have been chosen by our team of beach connoisseurs and seaside aficionados to represent the best of the oceanfront experience. All these hotels give you the option of a balcony directly overlooking the water.

Ultra Luxury

If luxury means indulging in pleasurable extravagances that flatter the full spectrum of senses, then Ultra-Luxury signifies an entire vivid experience of living without limit. These resorts elevate themselves above and beyond the luxury classification with extraordinary service and an unparalleled attention to detail. Vacation like a Saudi Arabian Prince.

Budget Boutique

Exotic lifestyle vacation? In THIS economy?! Well, there's nothing wrong with ballin' on a budget. We'll save you both time AND money by curating the very best vacation values, rounding em up, and pooling em in here. These are tried, tested, and true budget boutiques - hotels that minimize the wallet ripple and maximize the awesome factor.