Warehouse 31

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Warehouse 31

Halloween might seem like it’s a while away, but there are many haunted attractions getting ready to open their doors. Many of the bigger ones, like the ones at Warehouse 31, open at the end of September. For those near Columbiana, Alabama, or those willing to travel there, they can visit three different huge attractions at Warehouse 31.

What Are The Attractions?

There are three attractions that can be enjoyed in Columbiana; Phobia Factory, Vertigo Vortex, and House of Illusions. While Phobia Factory is the largest and offers the most, the other two can be enjoyed on their own or as an addition to the night. Purchasing a combined ticker for all three actually helps visitors save money.

The Phobia Factory

The Phobia Factory, estimated to take around forty minutes to get through, is comprised of several rooms showcasing different phobias. Each room is dedicated to a specific, common fear. These include scary figures such as clowns, snakes, and fires and other fears like the fear of death, tight spaces, and hospitals. Groups will take a self-guided tour through each room so visitors can face the phobias at their own pace. The website challenges visitors to either run from their fears or face them.

The Vertigo Vortex

One of the other attractions that can be enjoyed alongside Phobia Factory is the Vertigo Vortex. It is actually the largest vortex tunnel that can be found in Alabama, and visitors are challenged to keep their balance while venturing through. It is sure to end up being a lot harder than you imagine.

The House of Illusions

The House of Illusions is the third attraction offered and is sure to complement both Phobia Factory and House of Illusions. It is meant to help visitors lose themselves, slip from reality while they are experiencing it. It is hoped that you will leave with a new perspective on life.

Are There Discounts or Speed Passes Offered?

When visiting Phobia Factory, visitors can choose to purchases a speed pass and may be eligible to benefit from special discounts. The speed pass allows those who purchase it to completely skip the line. This usually means they are able to go straight into the attraction. The speed pass is only five dollars more than the general admission ticket. When purchasing a combined ticket for all three attractions, guests actually end up saving money that they wouldn’t save by buying them individually.

If purchasing more than four tickets online, a group discount will automatically be applied, which makes them a good option if you are planning to enjoy the trip with friends or family. There are additional discounts available for those in the military.

Finding More Information

For anyone who is hoping to find more information on Phobia Factory and the other attractions, they can visit phobiafactory.com. The website has frequently asked questions, more information about hours of operation, directions, pictures, and more. The website can also be used to purchase tickets, including the speed pass, and visitors can access more information about discounts.

Phobia Factory
Warehouse 31
455 Hwy 70
Columbiana AL 35186 US

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