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St. Lucia just might be the most beautiful island in the entire Caribbean. While there are certainly many islands to choose from, each offering a unique twist on the whole ‘tropical paradise’ vibe, few are as diverse as this gem. Few travel experiences as phenomenal as the St Lucia travel experience. Most people think of flat white sand beaches and palm trees when they think of the Caribbean – and yes, St. Lucia has these features in abundance. Yet it also offers something special in its majestic mountain peaks, shrouded in lush rainforest. It almost looks more like the South Pacific in this regard, like Tahiti for example, with volcanic peaks rising from the sea like watchful sentinels. From the summit of the landmark Pitons, St. Lucia may be understood as a sentinel looking over the rest of the Caribbean like a protective force. And when you experience its primal authenticity, you indeed feel connected to Gaia.

The personification of the Earth flows freely here in St. Lucia with its largely undeveloped wilderness radiating waves of natural bliss. It’s the type of heaven on Earth that inspires passion and love. It’s definitely one of the dreamiest places on the planet, as validated by its consistent ranking as the World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination (02-04/06-10). If it’s not #1 it’s certainly top three. Couples that visit to celebrate their divine union find themselves in a state of unbridled sensuality and full-spectrum vivid experience. There’s a reason why ABC’s The Bachelor chose St. Lucia for the final episodes of one season. You feel the love not only from the environment but from the locals who are naturally gifted with open heart chakras. It’s a sacred place to the natives of the St. Lucia – as you will understand upon your experience.

Abundance is an idea you’ll become quite familiar with here in St. Lucia. You sense it everywhere you go, for there you are. There is so much to do here and even when you’re just doing nothing at all, lounging on a volcanic black sand beach, you’ll feel like it’s everything. After all, everything is everything. You’ll definitely want to explore the jungle, with its waterfalls and fragrant plants and unique fauna. Hike or mountain bike or ATV or even zip-line beneath the canopy and over the rivers. Visit the hot mud pools for a proper authentic spa treatment; you’ll find them within the extremely rare drive-in volcano at Sulfur Springs. Go surfing or sailing on the open ocean, find a vibrant coral reef and dive beneath the waters to explore the colorful undersea realm. St. Lucia is a diver’s paradise, with 22 premium dive spots around the island full of wrecks and walls and reefs. Enchanting eco-tours include a segway nature trail, turtle watching, rum tours, bird sanctuaries, and rain forest canopy rides. For a soft adventure, go horseback riding along the beach or golfing at the country club or take a helicopter tour around the mountains to really gain a sense of the island.


Then indulge in the local cuisine – for it is simply marvelous. Foodies from far and wide will revel in the sensory taste explosions of the freshest flavors from roadside stands to five-star gourmet restaurants. Fruits are phenomenal here, like bananas and coconuts and papayas, and the fish is amazing as it comes in fresh from the ocean to the little fishing villages along the coast and directly to your plate. Many of the chefs have achieved regional and international acclaim with exceptional detail and an embracing of cultural traditions. Come get your taste buds tantalized.

Then kick back and let the bliss wash over you with a relaxing spa session. Health and wellness is a natural byproduct of the island and certain spots really channel that energy into an exceptionally healing encounter. Feel the wonders of a hot stone massage as you overlook the vibrant ocean – and experience Gaia first hand. From natural steam baths to the mineral rich mud baths, these ancient rituals provide therapeutic refreshment for mind, body and soul.

Come for romance and rejuvenation – for an experience as magical as it is enlightening. Snuggle beneath the stars after giving thanks for another glorious masterpiece of a sunset. While it’s incredibly dreamy, St. Lucia isn’t just for couples. Families love a good getaway here as well, and young and old will absolutely adore the wonders of this magnificent island. Let yourself go. You deserve it.

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