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Whether you need backfill for general usage, drainage, cement-stabilization, or bridge foundations, Whiterock Ventures Trucking can help you. Aside from backfill services in Edmonton, we can also offer land reclamation, oilfield hauling, and more. Just visit our website to view our services in detail. You may also call us at 780-469-0819 for more information.

Backfill can be used for different applications, particularly in construction projects. General backfilling is done for filling excavations after permanent structure placement. It is important to use backfill that is free from stones and other materials that are large enough to cause problems in compaction as well as large lumps that won't readily break down under compaction. Source your backfill in Edmonton from companies specializing in these types of earthworks to ensure the quality of materials that you will receive.
There are many different types of backfilling materials ideal for use in different types of construction applications. However, all material used including non-granular backfill, should always meet standards and specifications as well as quality guidelines that are acceptable to the master plan. Backfill materials should also be in a thawed state when compacting and placing, and must be free from rocks, frozen lumps, wood, and other unsuitable materials that may interfere with the backfilling and compaction processes.
Whiterock Ventures Trucking is the best place to turn to for your backfill needs in Edmonton, providing you with safe and proven solutions for all types of earthworks, ranging from backfilling to aggregate supply, trenching and demolition work, underground utility installation, bulk landscape supplies, oilfield and hazardous waste hauling, and even land reclamation. Whiterock Ventures Trucking offers strategic and innovative solutions at the best prices online.
Backfill Edmonton
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Backfill Edmonton
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