U.S. and British Virgin Islands

overview-virgin-islandsThe British Virgin Islands are one of the dreamiest destinations in the Caribbean, with the big four islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke offering a unique perspective on the perfect tropical lifestyle getaway.

Excercising the good life in the clear blue waters of the Virgin Islands
Exercising the good life in the clear blue waters of the Virgin Islands

Establish your home base in a beach side cottage or luxury villa with the waves washing the wonderful white sands of your temporary front yard. Wade out into the warm water and dive beneath the surface into a world of exotic coral reefs bustling with colourful creatures and sunken galleons. Explore lush rain forests back on land and lounge on deserted beaches, soaking up the good vibes. Whatever your tropical fantasy involves, chances are you'll find it here.

Tortola is the largest island (20km x 5km), home to the nation's capital with the quaint name of Road Town. From the wisdom of Mount Sage to the sheltered harbours filled with sailboats and yachts, Tortola is a place to explore and appreciate the local culture. Virgin Gorda is home to The Baths - the picturesque beach covered in boulders, tidal pools, and grottos - and is a peacefully secluded island that draws the discerning traveler to its relative serenity and luxury resorts and villas. Unlike the other mountainous islands in the BVI, Anegada is a flat atoll known for its miles of white sand beaches and Horseshoe Reef - the largest barrier coral reef in the Caribbean (and fourth largest on Earth). Jost Van Dyke is named after a pirate, and today you can behave like a buccaneer on the beach strip of Great Harbour with its bouncing bars and party scene, where boaters anchor, swim to shore, and buy drinks with soggy dollar bills.

As an offshore financial centre (tax haven), BVI enjoys one of the more prosperous economies in the Caribbean, bolstered by a strong tourism sector that attracts visitors from all over the world. The Virgin Islands are one of the world's greatest sailing destinations, due to its calm waters and steady trade winds, and legendary for the accessibility of its remote islands by sailboat. The annual Spring Regatta is seven day collection of sailing races throughout the islands and one of the best festivals in the Caribbean. It's indeed literal and figurative smooth sailing all throughout the Virgin Islands.

British Virgin Islands are a wonderland to experience, offering something special for everyone to enjoy. Come for the boutique lifestyle; whether you're seeking digital detox, a private island spa session, a romantic sensual getaway, or a fun-filled family fiesta, BVI is always an excellent choice for the perfect vacation.

Boutique Virgin Islands Accommodation:

Caneel Bay

Reconnect with authenticity at this total tropical paradise of a luxury resort lounging serenely within a vibrant nature preserve: the kind of place desktop screensavers are based on... the kind of place that gets into your soul and relaxes you to a total state of bliss.

Biras Creek Resort

Experience one of the top luxury destinations in the Caribbean at Biras Creek Resort on BVI’s Virgin Gorda. Accessible only by boat or helicopter, you’ll feel like it’s your own personal island, with just 31 suites on a gorgeous 140 acres with three distinct bodies of water. It’s the ultimate in romantic bliss.

The Buccaneer

Experience the legend of the Caribbean’s longest running resort, where the living is easy and the vibe is always on. Come with your family or come with your lover and make the most of this opportunity to tie into perfection and experience the bliss and beauty that comes from a resort that knows how to pamper and persuade.