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Kanopi House

luxury tree houses tucked seductively in the vibrant rainforest as the symphony of nature enfolds you in its embrace...

Best Bits

  • Authentic Jamaica with no frills, yet chic
  • Service and staff are truly fantastic
  • Sustainable living at its best
  • Kayaking to Monkey Island

Inside Scoop

  • Best for couples. Sensual, serene and secluded
  • NO TV’s, phones, internet, pool or beach
  • In a rain forest which means the occasional shower
  • A rough long road will eventually get you to this jungle paradise


All meals, snacks, some alcoholic drinks and a fridge stocked with soft drinks, wine, crackers, cheese and Blue Mountain coffee; Complimentary bottled water throughout your stay; Non-motorized water sports.

Our Review

Welcome to Kanopi House: a low impact luxury resort that exemplifies the potential of true sustainability and eco-friendly accommodation. It’s a tree house sanctuary that celebrates nature and community, adapting to the environment and working not against it, but with it - in perfect harmony. Here at Kanopi House, it’s more than a vacation: it’s a lifestyle.

The tree houses are unique and luxurious havens, sensual and secluded living tucked into a hillside above a blue lagoon. There’s only five of these one- and two-bedroom peak roof bungalows, built in the island classic vernacular style with shuttered doors and windows that open into the vibrant jungle splendor. Revel in the relaxation that flows throughout your bungalow to the soundtrack of your choice, from Mozart to Morcheeba, or the simple symphony of sounds and scents played masterfully by the rainforest itself. You won’t find TVs or Internet here, and to many, the sense of freedom that alone brings is enough to set the heart and mind at peace. It’s the perfect place for a romantic escapade with your sweetheart, perched atop the trees in bliss and beauty.

The cuisine at Kanopi House is even better than you’d imagine it to be: fresh, local, and organic. The greens and herbs are cultivated in Kanopi’s own mountain garden and the menu is focused on traditional Jamaican fare. Enjoy catch of the days and special dishes tailored to your preference for you to feast on either indoors or out, at your tree house or on a picnic to a secluded spot at a nearby beach or across the lagoon to deserted Monkey Island.

You see, Kanopi House isn’t just a little community of tree houses like some sort of Ewok Village on Endor (although it kinda is). It’s also a playground in paradise, a place where you snorkel the reef, kayak the calm waters, or swim out Monkey Island. Where you go sailing or diving or hang-gliding. Where you drift along the Rio Grande on a bamboo raft; or visit one of the many wonderful waterfalls; or mountain bike the jungle trails. Where you lounge back on mahogany daybeds with a cold bottle of Red Stripe and dream the days away. Experience sustainable living at its most effective and nature at its most abundant.

Kanopi’s signature approach of to island living is a smooth blend of authentic no-frills Jamaican charm and a laid-back atmosphere. It’s an idyllic tropical paradise that inspires creativity and reflection, the same area where Ian Fleming penned James Bond and Tom Cruise starred in Cocktail (1988). It’s an environmentally friendly hideaway that offers a lifestyle so relaxing you’d think it was fictional. But here among the trees at Kanopi House, dreams do somehow find a way to come true.

Unit Types

One Bedroom - Upper Deck

SEE: Lush Jungle
SAUTE: Galley Kitchen
SPACE: 432 sq ft. Occupancy 2, max 2
SENSE: Inviting
SPECIAL: Rain shower

One Bedroom - Spanish Elm

SEE: Lush Jungle
SAUTE: Galley kitchen
SPACE: 552 sq ft. Occupancy 2, max 2
SENSE: Secluded
SPECIAL: Covered verandah

One Bedroom - Almond Tree

SEE: Lush Jungle
SAUTE: Galley kitchen
SPACE: 656 sq ft. Occupancy 2, max 2
SENSE: Romantic
SPECIAL: Perfect honeymoon suite

Two Bedroom - Sweet Wood

SEE: Lush Jungle
SLEEP: 2 Queen Beds
SAUTE: Galley kitchen
SPACE: 1198 sq ft. Occupancy 2, max 2
SENSE: Organic
SPECIAL: Two storey treehouse

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