Turks and Caicos Islands


It has a way of seducing you, of radiating its magnetic allure into your very essence and sweeping you off your feet in a sensory feast.

Inside Tom Hanks' fantasy castaway date with Wilson.
Inside Tom Hanks' fantasy castaway date with Wilson.

Turks and Caicos is so vivid and pleasing that you'll find yourself comfortably enveloped in the ultimate state of relaxation and harmony. It's your own piece of paradise, with an attitude of harmony and the planet's #1 beach resonating its calming effect on all those who so much as imagine it. Good vibes abound at this dream destination - doing vacations to perfection.

Pleasure is the name of the game in Turks and Caicos: pure, unadulterated pleasure. Casual luxury runs the gamut of the resort experience, with an excellent selection of properties offering everything from infinity edge pools to oceanfront villas, complimentary water sports to yoga packages. Whatever your situation (family vacation, destination wedding, romantic retreat, solo adventure), you're in for a real treat. The boutique hotels we offer epitomize the dream lifestyle you can be living for yourself, creating the sensation of opulent liberation that you'll step into when you stay at any of these resorts.

When it comes to romance, Turks and Caicos inspires magic in even the most rational minds and protected hearts. Surprise your sweetheart with a secluded beach drop on a remote neighbouring cay, or indulge in a candlelit dinner of gourmet conch right on the sand dunes as the sun sets magnificent. Even the activities inspire a sense of passion, whether you're paddleboarding the mangrove swamps (bustling with flamingos and iguanas), scuba diving the vibrant colour reefs (bustling with sea turtles and dolphins), or just lounging on the 230 miles of velvety white sand beaches (bustling with... sunshine). Actually, there's little to no bustle nor hustle in Turks and Caicos, which just adds to its romantic allure.

The food is nothing short of legendary, from Caribbean twists on old classics to seafood so fresh it's practically flopping on your plate. From high end fine dining to beachfront snack shacks, organically radiant ingredients to the booziest milkshakes, the taste sensations of Turks and Caicos will leave a long-lasting impact - in fact, I'm salivating right now at the memory.

So come experience the wonders of Turks and Caicos for yourself and discover what one of the world's very best luxury boutique vacation can do for your well being. From the private island of Parrot Cay to the legendary Grace Bay Beach, the magic of the Caribbean will captivate you.

Boutique Turks and Caicos Accommodation:

Parrot Cay

The private island hideaway of Parrot Cay is the epitome of serenity and seclusion, a paradise brimming with positive energy that attracts like-minded individuals seeking some special spot to relax into a state of spiritual tranquility and energetic rejuvenation.

Beach House

Beach House has revolutionized the boutique hotel experience with their innovative full-spectrum approach to vacations - completely devoted to your relaxation, with a charismatic and entertaining staff that go above and beyond the call of duty to provide an atmosphere as soothing and effortless as it is revitalizing.

Regent Palms

The Regent Palms is a masterpiece of a luxury resort, exemplifying all the finest and most sought after elements of the perfect Caribbean vacation; suites as sanctuaries, a phenomenal pool, and one hell of a spa - oh, and every other detail of this mesmerizing property. Trust us, it’s even more miraculous in person.