Legendary for its luxury resorts with secluded beaches and amazing cuisine that create an atmosphere of harmony and relaxation.

Cool-factor personally approved by Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

As one of the smaller islands in the Caribbean (at just 16 miles long and 3 miles wide), Anguilla is home to 33 pristine beaches, each with a subtly unique character and that trademark sense of total tranquility. Visit Anguilla and you'll understand the serenity that attracts those discerning travelers with an eye for style and sophistication.

The accommodations are nothing short of phenomenal, catering most to the high end clientele with its sprawling seaside villas (that are more like private mansions than hotels) and the five-star luxury resorts that glimmer along the water, rising up from the impossibly white sand. There's also excellent budget boutique option for the guest seeking the exclusive Anguilla experience without the exclusive Anguilla price tag.

While other Caribbean islands can be quite crowded, Anguilla offers a welcome abundance of personal space. It's not uncommon to have a beach completely to yourself. Of course, if you're looking for some social action, there's always a happenin' party somewhere to 'lime' (hang out) and 'mash sand' (dance), as they say in the islands. The locals are so down to earth and genuine and contribute greatly to creating that special inviting feeling. The food is seriously mind-blowing, with delectable dishes served up by some of the most creative talent in the cuisine kingdom. The entire island serves up something special for all six of your senses.

Anguilla invites you to live life at your leisure, doing absolutely nothing at all or staying as busy as you wish with an abundance of things to do. Pamper yourself in some of the most blissful spas in the Caribbean to reinvigorate your entire being. Go snorkelling or diving in the colorful coral reefs and shipwrecks; go sailing across the azure waters; or play golf and tennis. It's your vacation and it just doesn't get much more serene than this.

Anguilla is more than a place - it's a state of mind. And more than an escape from reality, Anguilla represents a celebration of the eternal present moment. Experience life at its most vivid and AUTHENTIC on this sensational island that remains mostly an insiders' secret. And now that you know this secret, remember: with great power comes great responsibility... and with great travel advice comes great boutique vacations.

Boutique Anguilla Hotels:

Alexandra Resort

Anacaona is a beautiful little gem of a boutique hotel, with its wonderful accommodation, delightful staff, and focus on health and wellness - all at one heckuva value. Right on world-famous Mead’s Bay Beach, this intimate resort is perfect for budget travelers looking to experience Anguilla.

Alexandra Resort

Cap Juluca is the pinnacle of Caribbean luxury, a beacon of serenity and comfort in the ultimate dream destination of Anguilla, where the beachfront villas are nothing short of majestic and the sensory feast of everything you’ll experience result in a perfectly romantic vacation.