St. Vincent and The Grenadines


Saint Vincent is one of the most enchantingly romantic places on the planet, a tropical island that inspires the senses and reinvigorates the imagination.

Dazzle your amigos by levitating in mid-air at Baleine Falls.
Dazzle your amigos by levitating in mid-air at Baleine Falls.

The thirty-two island chain called the Grenadines are peppered between the big islands of Granada to the south and Saint Vincent (or Hairouna in the native tongue) to the north - and are shared between the two nations. We say 'big island' in relative terms, as it's only 344 square-kilometres yet densely populated with around 120,000 inhabitants. Saint Vincent is volcanic, with rolling hills covered in lush rainforest leading into secluded white sand beaches and peaceful bays. If you're wondering just how picturesque it is - the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed here, so watch that as a primer.

Evolving from the days of galleons cutting through these waters, Saint Vincent's biggest export is now inflatable pleasure crafts, interestingly enough. And while the potential for tourism is immense, Saint Vincent has yet to break through into the mainstream, making it an ideal off-the-beaten-path destination for you: the discerning traveler. Saint Vincent is one of the world's most popular destinations for leisure sailors, magnetically attracted to the Grenadines for its abundance of uncrowded ports and charming atmosphere. Some of the best resorts in the Caribbean are in the Grenadines themselves - where only nine of them are inhabited: Young Island, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Union Island, Palm Island, Mayreau, and Petit St Vincent. A few of these gems offer 'digital detox', offering visitors the opportunity to disconnect and 'de-tech' themselves from the oversaturated digital dimension and reconnect with more natural frequencies.

Eco-adventures abound in this verdant sanctuary, where you can trek through jungle, dive through the coral luscious reefs of the Tobago Cays and sail into the sunset. Stroll along the Vermont Nature Trail and experience the vivid fauna and flora, past epic waterfalls and up the active Soufriere Volcano. Visit the oldest Botanical Gardens in the Caribbean. Visit the Grenadines on a day trip to sample the authentic vibe, friendly people, and waterworld-esque paradise - from snorkelling to yachting to just soaking up that sweet sweet sun. And of course, there's the several private islands, like Mustique or Petit St Vincent, each featuring an exclusive luxury resort where you can get away from it all and enter a romantic realm of bliss and beauty.

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Experience the tranquility of a private tropical island, serenely detached from the outside world and brimming with authentic moments waiting to be discovered. Reconnect with both nature and each other at this eco-inspired luxury resort, with its secluded cottages and veritable paradise of positive vibes.