The Most Blissful Caribbean Spas


The time has come for your well earned vacation and you have never felt more ready for anything in your life. You’ve been mentally preparing for the rest and rejuvenation which is just around the corner, daydreaming about the white sand beach and gazing at beautiful pictures of serenity and palm trees and the spas. Oh, the spas. You’ve been fantasizing about moments of pure harmony inside the perfect sanctuary. After all, a little pampering goes a long way – and you’ve flown a long way to be here. So indulge.

Good on you for visualizing this spa session. It all starts as imagination and feeling and transforms into reality as it manifests. When you focus on what you want and how it will make you feel then you magnetize yourself to receive. When you focus on the bliss and beauty and abundance that flows from these magical spas that is what you will come your way. And as it turns out, visiting a spa is really good for your health. More than simply soothe you into a state of relaxation, spa visits relieve stress by reducing stress causing hormones like cortisol and adrenalin thus reducing illness and disease brought about due to stress. The increase of good feelings and positive outlook leads to a higher quality of life and subsequent more enjoyment out of your vacation. So whether you’re on a romantic rendezvous, a bonding session, seeking balance, or just want some ME time, you deserve a spa session. We’ve combed the Caribbean in search of the very best spas for you to enjoy at your leisure.


Rosewood Tucker’s Point – Bermuda

THE SENSE SPA is an exercise in perfection. Here all your stresses drift away as you are cleansed and purified into bliss. The spa at Rosewood is a genuine sanctuary of serenity. Be treated to a wide variety of locally inspired therapies and treatments designed to elevate your mind body and spirit. So come on and indulge yourself. Try a signature experience like the Bermuda Triangle which includes a tropical rain splash therapy via eighteen shower-heads followed by an aloe vera massage with intuitive hands. You’ll indeed feel like you’ve journeyed into another dimension and back. Revitalize yourself with the wonders of aromatherapy, get a manicure, then lounge beside the serene reflecting pool with a sense of appreciation.

The SPA Retreat – Jamaica

THE SPA RETREAT is the name of the resort which correctly implies that you will be experiencing some of the sweetest spa sessions in the Caribbean. They take spa life seriously here, as you could imagine, with a phenomenal selection of experiences to choose from off the menu that will set you soaring to new heights as you slip right into harmony. Go for an organic facial or coconut sugar scrub or body wrap and reflexology and whatever it is that will set you off right. It’s one of the most beautiful spas in the islands, designed in open-air flow and vibrancy. Yoga, Pilates, and meditation are practiced here with group classes beside the reflecting pool by the ocean that will both instruct and inspire.

Ladera – St Lucia

THE SPA AT LADERA is world-class, and you’d expect nothing less from one of the single most breathtaking resorts in the world. You’ll experience total indulgence here as you select your sensational delight from a tantalizing option of treatments directly influenced by the rich geologic history of St. Lucia. The Spa utilizes nothing but top-of-the-line products by Sothy in its four luxurious rooms. Experience true harmony; true peace.


Petit St Vincent – St Vincent and the Grenadines

THE HILLSIDE SPA is where you go if you’re into being revitalized and rejuvenated. If you’re into that kinda thing, an expert squad of spa therapists will take you there with intuitive methods that will soothe the mind and re
lax the body. Petit St Vincent is already a lesson in reconnection, tapping back into the source, and with a session at the spa you’re even closer. Whether you’re taking a massage in one of the four open-air treatment rooms or meditating on the relaxation deck, you’re feeling elevated.

Parrot Cay – Turks and Caicos

THE SHAMBHALA SPA is a genuine sanctuary within the private island nature preserve of Parrot Cay. This Asian-inspired spa is the ultimate oasis to tune into your higher self with therapies that blend sacred herbs and spices with ancient energy rituals. Experience oneness in the Spa Cottage tree house and the treatment rooms decked out in perfect feng shui that flows through the entire property. Oh and there’s some of the finest yoga in the Caribbean here too.

Regent Palms – Turks and Caicos

THE REGENT SPA is completely radiant with good vibes on the acre-wide sanctuary. The menu of holistic therapies is extensive and infused with a balance of both contemporary wellness technology and ancient health remedies. The treatment rooms incorporate all four elements, with water features by day and fire features by night, as you connect with the fifth element, your spirit. Here at the Regent Spa you’ll indeed be treated like royalty.

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