Planning Your Caribbean Vacation


The Caribbean is obviously one of the most sought after vacation destinations on the planet – and it’s easy to understand why. No matter where you come from, the Caribbean exudes a certain magical allure that attracts people to the laid-back vibe of white sand beaches, turquoise waters, excellent food, and lovely people. It’s the type of place where even if you’re from a tropical destination, you want to experience the unique Caribbean interpretation on paradise. And especially if you come from the northern climes, and particularly the city life, the Caribbean represents heaven on earth, for many. A place where you can do as you please and have no worries about anything, just loved up and purely in the moment. Washing off the stresses that come from modern Western living and rejuvenating yourself in total harmony and bliss and beauty. This experience awaits those who seek it.

So the first step to planning your Caribbean vacation is to visualize success. Imagine yourself lounging on the beach and dining at the poolside restaurants and snorkelling in the waters and feeling that love vibration. Once you’ve locked on to it, you’re naturally drawn towards it, and it to you. The next trick is to making it happen, which requires some thought about which island to visit! As there are so many wonderful islands to experience, how does one go about choosing??

Well, before you make the decision, perhaps consider some of these points to help you choose the perfect island and perfect resort on the perfect island:

- Who are you going with? Each island offers something unique. And while you’ll find something sweet on all of the islands for any group arrangement, some are better suited to certain groups. Whether you’re with your babe, your whole family and kids, or you’re going solo, each scenario calls for something specifically tailored. Although, if you were draw an island from a hat, chances are you’ll still have an amazing experience.

- You’ll want to also consider the activities you wish to do. Is there a certain cultural experience you’re seeking, or some of the best dive spots in the Caribbean, or some challenging hiking opportunities. Each will help you get closer to deciding what island is best for you.

- How long you plan on staying, when you plan on going, and how much you plan on spending will all further focus your decision making process. If money is of little concern you can go to the place that calls to you the strongest. Yet if you’re seeking to save some money and get the best deal (and are open to Caribbean life in general) you can make your decision based on the resort that offers the best savings. In the summertime, for example, when it’s the low-season, rates are much lower than the peak season, although the summer weather can be muggy with slight chance of hurricane and more overcast days. However, with so much to do and still a relatively gorgeous climate even at its worst, the Caribbean is always a good time. Fewer tourists in the summer can be a real perk as well, with smaller crowds and a more intimate and authentic island experience.

Now for some island highlights to help you realize your dream…

Jamaica: awesome for that trademark rasta culture with reggae music and excellent spicy food and coffee from the Blue Mountains and lush rolling terrain for hikes and mountain biking and easy access from the US.

Anguilla: luxurious and exclusive yet low-key vacations with few people including celebrities and many beaches that are the perfect dream model of a Caribbean beach, and top-notch dining and some gorgeous resorts

British Virgin Islands: the more affluent, isolated and less developed of the Virgin Islands perfect for yachters and divers and snorkelers and the goodness that comes from the ocean as a focal point to life

St Lucia: volcanic mountains rising out of the sea, this is one of the most dramatic of the Caribbean islands, full of activities to do on land and in the sea, with excellent beaches and gorgeous luxury resorts

St Vincent & The Grenadines: get laid back properly on island time as you charter boats between the many islands of the Grenadines and find your perfect castaway-esque experience then find a beach bar amongst other boaters and explorers of all stripes

Turks and Caicos: featuring the oft-voted best beach in the world, this set of islands is focused on Providenciales with its line of beachfront luxury resorts (and affordable options as well) for mellow retreats and good eats primetime boating and diving opportunities

Bermuda: easy access from the north east of North America to discover the more affluent island of pink sand beaches and great golfing and luxury resorts that will set you off into a heavenly experience without having to haul down to the Caribbean proper

Now all you have to do is pick that perfect accommodation…

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