The Ultra Luxury Caribbean Resorts


There are luxury resorts, which are by definition hotels that offer something truly sumptuous that distinguishes itself from competition. The term “luxury” has become a bit of a cliché in tourism, as there is no official designation under that name. Rather, the hospitality industry uses star-ratings and both four- and five-star hotels brand themselves as luxury. For the purposes of My Boutique Travel and affiliates, we do not use the word luxury outside of any five-star property. But just like the amp in Spinal Tap being cranked up not to 10 but 11, there are the ultra-luxury resorts that are even more luxurious. These ultras are the best of the best; six-star hotels, if you will.

These ultras are even more exclusive and of an even higher quality than their luxury counterparts. While all five-star hotels pride themselves on service and amenities, ultras focus on highly individualized customer experience and a microscopic attention to detail. The hotels are usually more intimate in scale to better focus on guests, yet larger in scope. They’re usually located on the most gorgeous pieces of land in remote locations far removed from the real world to help facilitate that unique experience of being in some magical place. And of course they’re more expensive, too. But a few days in an ultra luxury instead of a week in a regular luxury and you’ll be telling people about it for the rest of your life. The following is a list of our ultra luxury Caribbean resorts, specifically chosen to deliver you the best of the best.


Parrot Cay – Turks and Caicos

Few things say “ultra luxury” quite like a private island resort. Settle into an architecturally masterful villa with a plunge pool, relax in the asian-influenced surroundings and pamper yourself at the world-class spa and dine at some of the finest restaurants in the world. It’s tranquility and Zen radiating in ultra fashion.

Regent Palms – Turks and Caicos

The Regent Palms Turks and Caicos is known by many in the tourism industry as being one of the world’s best. It wins multiple awards every year for being so great, particularly when it comes to service and hospitality, outstanding facilities and amenities, and impressive ambience. This is ultra luxury that goes above and beyond to please.

Cap Juluca – Anguilla

Moorish villas on the ultra luxury island of Anguilla make this an exclusive experience for those of the most refined taste. No expense is spared here at this legendary resort where all the most luxurious amenities and services you can imagine are to be found. Come find out why Cap Juluca consistently tops many Best in the World lists.

Ladera – St Lucia

This is one of the most gorgeous resorts in the world, situated high on a volcanic mountaintop at 1,000 feet above sea level. The accommodation is designed with an open wall that looks out past your private plunge pool at the towering Grand Pitons in the distance. There’s an inordinate amount of activities and things to do on St Lucia and the service and spa and amenities all add up to make this ultra, indeed.

Petit St Vincent – St Vincent

French for Little Saint Vince, this ultra luxury resort is an entire private island of bliss. While phones and internet are considered luxuries to many, here the welcome lack of such digital distractions helps define it as ultra, ironically enough. Stay in a secluded cottage on the beach and do whatever you want to do. It’s is at its purest here.


Biras Creek – British Virgin Islands

This awe-inspiring resort is exclusive as all get-out and only accessible by boat or helicopter. It’s flanked by three different bodies of water and situated on 140 acres of pristine land. And it wins awards all the time for its outstanding luxury and boutique lifestyle. The accommodation is divine and you’ll be in heaven here.

Goldeneye – Jamaica

Once the home of author Ian Fleming, this gem on Jamaica’s north shore is an exercise in perfection. Super stylish with amazing treetop restaurants, an abundance of activities and amenities, and the opportunity to stay in the James Bond creator’s actual house – complete with private beach and cave. Hit the swim-up spa and get your secret agent on.

Rosewood Tucker’s Point – Bermuda

Bermuda’s masterpiece is perched on 200 acres off the pink sands of the beach and delivers effortless luxury and the highest levels of service imaginable. You’ll feel like royalty with your comfort as the staff’s main concern, elegantly palatial accommodation, and four gorgeous swimming pools. With the golf and tennis club next door and some of the best food in the Atlantic available, you’ll soon understand why this Tucker’s Point is considered ultra luxury.

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