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St Vincent and the Grenadines is as mesmerizing as it sounds, a veritable heaven on Earth here in the Caribbean Islands. The Grenadines might remind you of the bar syrup used in Tequila Sunrise, and you can certainly drink your fill here on the sweet sweet white sand beaches, but in this case it’s the thirty-two island chain that spans the distance between the two big islands of Granada and Saint Vincent. Only nine, however, are inhabited. The land is lush and dense with rainforest that blankets the rolling volcanic hills, lined with serene bays and secluded beaches. It’s a place that postcards are made for, a place that screensavers are based on, a place that will get into your dreams and radiate vibrancy and joy from far and wide. This is the wonders of St Vincent travel.

St Vincent remains a relatively undiscovered gem in the tropics and the perfect destination for off-the-beaten-path travel. It’s the premium spot for leisure sailors cruising the open sea, as it has been for centuries, and these days you don’t need a sailboat to live the life. While the destination of St Vincent is divine, it’s the journey that matters always. Anybody that makes their way to this paradise seems to be magnetically attracted here by some unseen force, as if they were summoned by the islands themselves. St Vincent is the type of place that makes you believe in magic.

The majestic resorts that call the Grenadines home are genuine oases, many of them offering so-called ‘digital detox’ in the opportunity to unplug from our society’s reliance on advanced technology. Leave the cell phones and internet and TV at home and reconnect with the authentic. Get plugged into the natural frequencies and rediscover your true essence. Petit St. Vincent, for example, is an eco-inspired luxury resort on a tranquil private island where the villas of native stone and wood right on the beach make you feel like a castaway billionaire in your own exclusive hideaway.


The big island of St Vincent is home to Kingstown, a lively town of cobblestone streets and vibrant people; and once you venture into the wilderness of the Grenadines, the serenity takes over. The islands are so enchanting and just waiting your exploration. Experience an eco-adventure and get out into the deep: jungle, ocean or culture. Hiking is one of the best ways to explore the islands and their lush forests, roaring waterfalls, and stunning shorelines. Get out there into the wild and conquer the legendary La Soufriere Volcano for top-of-the-world euphoria; head off the beaten path to Trinity Falls or St Vincent’s Dark View Falls for some cliff jumping; and explore the Vermont Nature Trail to spot exotic parrots or visit the oldest Botanical Gardens in the Caribbean.

The warm and crystal clear waters connecting the Grenadines are abundant with adventure. Scuba diving is a huge draw for many with colorful coral reefs full of exotic sea-life like manta rays and turtles, shipwrecks and caves to investigate, and even a bubbling underwater volcano. St Vincent was named #17 on Sport Diver’s list of the Planet’s 50 Greatest Dives. Or stick closer to the surface and go snorkeling in the Tobago Cays, the Grenadines are also known as the Critter Capital of the Caribbean and you’ll blessed with sightings of reef sharks, octopus, seahorses and much more within the variety of underwater landscapes and habitats. To do it right, take a proper whale, dolphin or turtle watching tour. Or stick directly on the surface with a kayaking tour, windsurfing and kite-surfing expedition, (especially in Tobago) or Hobie Cat sailing. Go on a yacht charter and navigate from island to island, port to port, and beach bar to beach bar. Rediscover a sense of romance and adventure, for here it lives.



St. Vincent: Encounter some of the friendliest most genuine folks you’ll have the pleasure of meeting in this wonderful land of natural beauty and breathtaking surprises that await within this vividly vibrant world.

Young Island: Just off the coast of St Vincent is a tiny idyllic hideaway of privacy and sensational indulgence, where the luxury radiates and the relaxation is at a fever pitch of bliss and beauty.

Bequia:Historic home to Port Elizabeth and Fort Hamilton, along with a turtle sanctuary, phenomenal white sand beaches, premium scuba diving opportunities, and the legendary Easter Regatta.

Mustique: More like mystic, as this exclusive paradise is an enchanted land of human transformation where the rich and famous come to unwind on deserted beaches in complete majesty.

Canouan: This little beauty of an island absolutely radiates charm and is home to such luxurious destinations as Raffles Resort and the Trump International Golf Club.

Mayreau: Accessible only by sailboat, this untouched paradise is the Caribbean we all dream of, with screensaver-esque beaches and waving palm trees, this is what harmony feels like.

Tobago Cays: These five uninhabited cays that make up the Marine Park are the perfect place to snorkel in the crystal clear turquoise waters and lagoons in one of the most gorgeous settings on Earth.

Union Island: As the name suggests, you’ll feel an instant connection here in this sailing haven where everyone is friendly and laid back and an abundance of exploration awaits.

Palm Island: Like the energy center inside our hands, this exclusive private island is outrageously peaceful and luxurious top of the line vacation prime spot for total bliss.

Petit St Vincent: Right at the southern tip of the Grenadines is this simply amazing private island resort of 115 acres of seductive seclusion, where positive vibes abound.

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