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High atop St Lucia’s volcanic mountains, tucked right into the lush rainforest, you’ll find Ladera Resort – an absolute gem of a luxury retreat. The view from 1,000 feet is unstoppable, with the Grand Pitons in the distance, and the altitude is rare for the Caribbean where most resorts are located at sea level. Sugar Beach is but a downhill shuttle away and, in our expert opinion, the exclusivity of a mountaintop villa is well worth the tradeoff. The rooms are so sexy, this is certainly an ideal place to fuel the flames of romance. See for yourself why this place is so spectacular. I mean, just look at the pictures. So dreamy, eh? Unplug from the hectic world of the West and reconnect with the authentic here in the West Indies.

Come along with us as we get deeper into Ladera and discover all the wonders that await. As you read along with our question-and-answer session, imagine the amazing experience here; magnetize yourself to the feeling of it all – and next thing you know you’ll be staying right here at Ladera for the vacation of a lifetime.

Q: How are the rooms?

A: Unreal. They have only three walls, what they call an open-wall design, which has the obvious effect of connecting you intimately with nature. This allows for welcome breeze and the occasional unwelcome insect or cute little lizard. The view is unparalleled and the open wall gives you a full spectrum unobstructed vista onto the majesty outside. And the majesty inside is just as good. Each of the 32 villas and suites feature its own private plunge pool and all the rooms are slightly unique, offering their own special take on Ladera. The furniture is exquisite and most of it is crafted locally. Cozy up with your sweetie on the four-post bed and enjoy another mind-blowing sunset.

Q: How is the pool?

A: In addition to the private pools in each room, some with waterfalls, there is a larger main pool for guests with a relaxing deck area. Lounge about on reclining chairs and enjoy cocktails and snack service, all set to the magnificent views. There’s also restorative sulphur mineral baths at the spa available to soak and relax as you rejuvenate. So, yes; there are several ways to get wet at Ladera.

Q: What sort of amenities does Ladera St Lucia offer?

A: There’s a fitness room with most everything you need to stay in shape; complimentary shuttle to Sugar Beach with beach towels and snorkel gear; and a library with books, games, and DVDs (there’s no TVs but you can borrow a portable DVD player). Ladera offers a respite from technology, should you seek a digital detox, however there is wifi in the rooms so you’re not completely off the map. There’s also a guest computer room and private telephone room in the lobby. When it’s time to socialize there’s live local entertainment at the bar and weekly cocktail receptions.


Q: What activities can we do?

A: Ladera is stacked with so many activities you may not be able to fit them all into your schedule. Become immersed in the St Lucian lifestyle, a veritable sensual feast. Get out and explore nature with a 2,600 ft. Gros Piton climb/hike, a rainforest tour on the Waterfall Trail, drive into a volcano, go ziplining, horseback riding, snorkeling, scuba diving… so much. When it comes to culture there’s lots to experience as well, with day trips to the local markets and villages and neighboring islands. There’s plenty of classes to take, such as cooking, bartending, and sommelier. There’s even more activities available to experience so you’ll know there’s just the thing waiting for you to do.

Q: What is the spa like?

A: If you’re into being pampered and indulging in the finest relaxation treatments available, if that kinda thing suits you, then The Spa at Ladera will make you happy. They offer a diverse menu of tantalizing therapies and treatments inspired by Saint Lucia’s rich history and geographic wonders. The Spa uses top of the line Sothy products in four serene rooms on the scale of the suites and villas. Speaking of which, you can order a massage to your own room. Lounge in the hot soaker tubs situated in the spa garden and experience true rejuvenation. True harmony. True peace.

Q: What are weddings like at Ladera St Lucia?

A: Simply perfect, really. There’s the classic Caribbean destination wedding, exchanging vows barefoot in the white sand, and then there’s the dramatic experience of soaring high above the turquoise sea and the rainforested mountains on a mighty deck brimming with luxury. Ladera offers an outstanding wedding specialist who will make your special day truly memorable. The Villa at Paradise Ridge offers probably the Caribbean’s most dramatic backdrop. Ladera is legendary for its cuisine as well which adds to the perfect wedding experience. Whether you’re getting married for the first time or wish to renew your vows, Ladera offers an abundance of love vibes and harmony.

Q: What are the dining options at Ladera?

A: Dasheene at Ladera is one of the best in the Caribbean. The menu is eclectic and innovative with locally harvested ingredients from native farmers and neighboring plantations. Taste the authentic in a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for meals or snacks at any time. You can also set up a private romantic dinner in your suite or anywhere on the grounds for an unforgettable date.

Q: Any special offers or deals at the Ladera St Lucia right now?

A: Sure, there’s 5th night free on the new suites at Paradise Ridge (valid through 11/30/2013); third night free at the other suites (valid through 9/3/2013); and 5th night free plus $100 resort credit (valid through 12/19/2013), to name a few.

Q: I’ve heard enough, I want to stay here. What’s next?

A: Call My Boutique Travel today and we’ll answer any further questions you may have and book you into the perfect room. Or you can book online. Whatever works best for you, we’re here to serve.

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